St. Johns Field

Proton Green is developing one of the largest helium reservoirs in North America at St. Johns field in Apache County, Arizona

152,000 Acres with 24 Existing Wells
  • Third-party engineering reports indicate reserves of 8.6 trillion cubic feet of CO2 storage and 33 billion cubic feet of helium in shallow reservoirs
  • The field was originally developed as a CO2 supply source for tertiary recovery of mature oil and gas fields
  • CO2 pipeline construction plans were abandoned as oil prices declined in 2014
  • After separating helium from CO2, the CO2 will be reinjected into isolated formations and thereby qualify for carbon sequestration credits under Section 45Q of the US Tax Code
Helium Liquification

Liquid helium sells at a substantial premium to helium gas. Liquefaction plants will allow Proton Green to process helium to 99.9999% purity, which commands the highest possible market price, approximately $550/mcf. Proton Green will have two processing plants, one with liquefaction capabilities.

Geographic Locations