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Helium is a Scarce, Non-Renewable Resource Essential to Modern Technology

Helium is a finite resource, with no commercially viable industrial process to replicate it. Helium has many applications that touch our daily lives – from the microchips in our cell phones to MRI machines, semiconductors, satellites, data centers, quantum research, the airbags in our cars, welding, and of course party balloons.

North America is Facing a Shortage of Beverage Grade CO2

Recent force majeure events to globally important CO2 production assets (such as Jackson Dome) have led this to be an ever-undersupplied commodity. This is particularly true in North America, where disruptions have left an in-demand market ripe for new suppliers.

Proton Green is Scaling Production at One of the Largest Helium & CO2 Reservoirs in North America

Proton Green maintains exclusive production rights to St. Johns Field, a 170,500 acre property in Arizona with a 33 billion cubic feet helium reservoir, 9 trillion cubic feet CO2 reservoir and a basin with the potential to store 1 billion metric tons of CO2. The Company is among the leading producers of Helium in North America, leveraging strategic offtake partners with fixed-price agreements to drive a predictable revenue stream.

Carbon Capture and Sequestration

The U.S. has declared climate change to be the nation’s defining crisis. Three nearby coal-fired generation stations are emitting a combined ~17.8 million metric tons of CO2 per year, creating a long-term opportunity to provide carbon sequestration for those plants – as well as through Direct Air Capture technologies – by leveraging the reservoir in the south end of St. Johns field to inject CO2 into the Basal Granite at depths below 3,500 feet. This would qualify for carbon sequestration credits under Section 45Q of the U.S. Tax Code, providing an ancillary revenue stream.

Our Advantage
  • Substantial helium demand from multiple end markets including space and satellite applications, data centers and quantum computing, MRI machines, consumer goods and semiconductor manufacturing.
  • Initiated production at Phase I Helium Extraction Plant – making Proton Green a leading Helium producer in North America – with Phase II Plant expected to begin construction in the third quarter of 2023.
  • Leveraging strategic offtake partners with fixed-price agreements to drive a predictable revenue stream.
    – Helium production contracted for fixed-price offtake with industrial gas distribution and marketing companies.
    – CO2 production expected to be contracted for fixed-price offtake with beverage and food companies.
  • Sustainably produced, as both helium and CO2 produced from the region uniquely contain no hydrocarbon component.
  • Prime Location close to Interstate 40 and two U.S. highways as well as the Burlington Northern Railroad – all operating in a low-population area in a regulatory friendly state.
  • Experienced Management Team with history of value creation in the oil and gas space.